about the speaker
andrew d. hyder is the founder of subjex corporation and has served as ceo since its inception in 1998. andrew brings extensive software and artificial intelligence development skills to the company along with a passion for creative marketing and sales physiology. prior to the creation of subjex, andrew served as president of interactivehost, a successful web development, hosting, and search engine positioning company. with interactivehost he developed a search engine ranking and positioning system that was later sold for over half a million dollars.

in business andrew knows how to make things happen. andrew has wide-ranging marketing experience which comes from a life of entrepreneurial accomplishments starting with the design of flight simulator’s which he programmed in 1978 at the age of 12. prior to the advent of the internet, andrew managed and designed many successful direct mail and advertising initiatives. he has considerable expertise in the areas of finance, corporate governance, software engineering, copyright/trademark, and product branding. andrew knows seven different computer-programming languages: c++, java, cobol, the visual languages (basic, c, and java), javascript, html, and perl. his technical experience spans nearly every type of computing platform in use today including: unix/linux, mac, and win/nt.