a general overview of the fbi cyber program and national strategy, cyber case studies, and the trends to the cyber threat forecast.

about the speaker
ssa adams obtained a bachelor of science degree in business administration, major in accounting, from bloomsburg state college, bloomsburg, pennsylvania.  after college, was employed as an accountant, tax preparation, department manager/supervisor and as a systems and applications computer programmer.

began employment with the fbi in april, 1987 and after completion of the fbi academy was assigned to the white collar crime squad in the oklahoma city division of the fbi.  conducted investigations pertaining to bank failures, bank fraud, securities fraud, prime bank investment fraud, insurance fraud, tax fraud, computer fraud, bankruptcy fraud, check fraud, identity theft, money laundering, and intellectual property rights investigations.  was assigned full time to the financial task force located within the united states attorneys office for the western district of oklahoma for 5 years to develop and initiate federal criminal investigations from bank secrecy act information.  also was assigned part time to the oklahoma city economic crime task force for 1 year to conduct counterfeit check fraud investigations with state and local law enforcement.

after 16 years of federal criminal investigative experience, was promoted to supervisory special agent of the white collar crime squad in october 2002, responsible for the white collar crime program within the oklahoma city division.  in 2004, was assigned the cyber crime squad supervisor for the oklahoma city division responsible for the operation of the cyber crime program which includes computer intrusions and cyber crime matters for the state of oklahoma.  also responsible for the operational and investigative matters involving the oklahoma computer crimes alliance which is the cyber task force within the state of oklahoma.